John C Perry
John C Perry

45,000 feet of climbing

965 miles in 9 days 


Friday evening 


It’s 9:30 pm. I’m here at Land’s End. The bike is all assembled and I’m ready too. 


All 550 of us have been briefed on what to expect. I’ve enjoyed an excellent dinner of tomato soup, beef stew and vegetables followed by chocolate cake.


I’m in my green tent and it’s blowing a gale. But inside all is calm. Everything is ready. I’ve trained and prepared mentally and physically.


Vicki and I have written to everyone we can think of to publicise awareness of Afasic and the amazing work they do and to seek donations. I have posted on LinkedIn and tweeted. Facebook pages and the official Afasic website will be updated on a daily basis with my blog.


It’s now time to enjoy my Ride Across Britain: to see the beauty of this sceptres isle in all its majesty through a new perspective and with a purpose to enjoy every moment. 


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