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John C Perry

Day 3 > 99 miles

Bath to Ludlow

I awoke refreshed after the luxury of a night in a proper bed. It felt unreal. Tonight it would be back to the blowup mattress and sleeping bag. 


The usual 5 am wake up and 7 am start. To leave Bath it was necessary to go down a very steep hill into the outskirts of the town and then climb back out up a serious incline.


The first photo stop was the old original Severn Bridge that was opened on 8th September 1966. And there I was cycling across it 50 years and 4 days afterwards.  It is majestic and a modern marvel ahead of its time. It has a length of 0.99 of a mile with a longest span of 3,240 ft and a height of 445 ft. The views up and down the Severn estuary were spectacular. 


The first pit stop was in the shadow of Chepstow Castle, followed by 45 minutes of uphill climbing. I then descended the steep forested banks to the River Wye near Symond’s Yat. 


The route afterwards followed the river bank upstream as canoeists paddled downstream. 


I went through the picturesque market town of Ross on Wye but unfortunately skirted historical Hereford. We were also snarled in traffic in Leominster. 


The destination was Ludlow Racecourse which is out of the town but I detoured to see the historical Tudor centre.


The weather was cloudy but no rain. The scenery was Herefordshire at its best: hills, valleys, and rivers. “Here you can” as the welcoming sign proclaims. 


Almost another 100 miles including 6,909 ft of climbing followed by a hot shower and a hearty dinner. Strangely it was comforting to be back in the tent!


Day 3 complete.  

Roll on Shropshire tomorrow.

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